Saturday, May 19, 2018

Favorite Cast of Track on Epic Bigfoot Expedition

Highlight Video of RMSO
 Favorite Bigfoot Track at End of Epic Bigfoot Expedition Video
 Brody discovers where the 19 inch footprints came from
Favorite Highlight Video of Massive Bigfoot Track at 
End of Epic Bigfoot Expedition

Original Full Length 
Epic Bigfoot Expedition

Bigfoot may of watched RMSO & BFRO Investigate Its Sighting

Bigfoot may have been watching 
 Investigate Curtis's recent Bigfoot sighting at 
Lost Creek

RMSO investigators 
Derek Wright, Mike Hansen, 
Kelly Shaw, Brody Lewis 

BFRO investigators 
Todd Strong & Clint Richens 


Highlight Video Clip
 Is a Bigfoot watching RMSO investigate its sighting

Full Interview & Investigation
Curtis's Bigfoot Sighting Lost Creek Full Expedition

Bigfoot Suspect Slow Filter Stabilized at Lost Creek

Cave Exploration Curtis's Bigfoot Sighting Location

Original Screen Shot
Zoom & Filter

Following Winter Expedition Curtis's Bigfoot Sighting Location

Friday, May 18, 2018

Bigfoot Throws Dog Into Family Camping Tent

Sighting Report Video. Bigfoot Throws Dog

Original Sighting Report Submitted to RMSO

Kodie writes RMSO
When I was younger, about 7-8 years ago. My family and I were in Kanosh camping. Earlier in the day my cousins, dad and brother found a deer carcass strung up in a tree, but it was all positioned funny with the eyes just hanging down. All day something felt off, and the dogs on the trip were really scared. That night we fried some fish and left out our trash (I know not safe). And went to sleep. A few hours later my mom got up to go pee, and she was so scared it was deathly quiet, and she felt watched. An hour after that, one of the dogs sleeping out side got thrown through my aunt and uncles tent, so my uncle and one of my cousins went in the truck to sleep and everyone else piled in my parents tent with me and my brother. someone ended up laying on my feet and I kept waking up, I sat up trying to get comfortable, and I saw a HUGE shadow, it had to be 7 feet tall, and the dogs were growling and going nuts, then the dog got picked up and thrown against the tent. I have never buried my head into a pillow so fast. it was terrifying. the next day the garbage bags were still in tact, but the grill we had used for the fish was picked clean, and the whole area stunk so so so bad. We still don't know what it was, me and my mom swear it was a big foot. Thought I would share! I've had family and friends over the past few years experience similar things in that area!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

"I could see his shoulders twist as he walked threw the trees" Dryden Bigfoot Sighting

SC writes RMSO
i love this stuff and after this video . i believe i see one myself ..
 I was hunting 1 hr north of DRYDEN ONT  . me and another guy when to a spot ..old logging rd . half grown in , we stopped at a ridge with about 50 yards up and  300 yards to the water . new growth trees .

 the guy said he seen moose there before i dropped him off way back from me .. i over looked the ridge and seen this guy walking down in the trees .. i thought well i screwed his hunt up . all i could think i hope he dont get to mad he was a big guy but not in hunter Orange just a big brown jacket but i could see his shoulders twist as he walked threw the trees   .. i am 245 lb .he was bigger ..

10 min later my friend called on radio he was coming out . then he said he seen a moose  with a calf ..we tried to get it but it got out between us and gone ...

. 2 years later i seen were the trees were all put up like a te pe .like on loose sstrouses s one video .. looked around and no way they fell this way ..i was a good mile in the woods ..felt real funny and i got out back to the train bed thinking about it .. i think i seen bigfoot ....let me know what you think .. and i dont need smart ass comments thanks

Thanks for relaying your experience. After you realized it may of been a bigfoot that day. Were you able to determine size of the humanoid by looking at surrounding trees that it walked near? How far was the structure from the creature you saw?

the size i cant say four sure i just thought thats the biggest guy i ever seen ..he was 150 yards from me shoulders 3 feet wide well over 6 feet ..i went down after looking to see just how hard it would be to walk threw if i got a moose ..

it was so thick i never even tried it ....just from your videos and interviews. it hit me at what i seen  ..early September around the 15th has always been on my mine just because of how big the guy or  it was this day i can still see him walking threw the trees ..thanks for taking a interest in my story keep up the work your doing love the videos and interviews
Appreciate hearing about your encounter. If this creature truly exists, I am sure a lot of sightings get dismissed as another person. There is a trove of sighting reports where the witness thought it was an odd person at 1st. Taller, bigger than usual or wearing a large fur coat etc.. Then realize it isn't a person. So am sure they get spotted and get dismissed as a hiker or hunter.

the structure was 2 - 3 mil away as the crow fly's and 1 hr north from Dryden down a old rail bed . and a mil west in the woods .. i would say no one ever been in there .. we tracked a moose in there the year before i marked the trail so i went in by myself  got to a clearing seen the structure  like a TEPE looked all around no stumps some trees were stump up .. so i got the hell out of there with eyes open all the way back lol.

 its been 6 years.. only in these spots once and i can still take you into them ..impeded in my head

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Bear Wallow Bigfoot Uinta Mountains

A string of Bigfoot sightings & vocalization reports motivated us to start searching for Bigfoot in Bear Wallow.
We found several trackways of Bigfoot style footprints.
Heard something stalking us all day.

We started following the Bigfoot style footprints.
After tracking these footprints.
A creature ran parallel to us destroying vegetation in its way. It sounded like a train mowing over saplings, breaking branches as it ran.
We got a glimpse of a large over 8 foot tall gray thing through the trees.
Aiming our camera in the direction we last glimpsed the creature running through the thick trees a fan spotted a reddish brown Bigfoot shape creature sitting low in a tree.

Bigfoot shaped creature sitting in a tree same direction we were looking for a large gray subject that ran parallel to us.
We slowed and stabilized the footage for a better look.

Bear Wallow Bigfoot Stabilized & Slowed

Watch Original Expedition Video of Bear Wallow Bigfoot Below 

Bear Wallow Epic Bigfoot Expedition

Below are Screen Shots of Bigfoot Shape Creature in Original Video

Bear Wallow Epic Bigfoot Screen Shots

Photos from Bear Wallow

Monday, May 7, 2018

Crazy Mountain Bigfoot in Big Timber Montana

Dillon writes RMSO
Hey how's it going my name is Dillon I messaged you on you tube.
 I just want to start by saying I have hunted all my life been in deep wilderness I know what it's like to be stalked by a Grizzly or cougar but I had an experience that changed the way I feel about the woods. When I was  17 my father and I were way up in the avalanche shoot in the first picture.

 We were about 6hours into are hunt and didn't see one animal which for that ranch is very strange you see 100 head before you go through the first gate by the way it's a 10,000 acer ranch. So we decided to take a break and eat when we started hearing what sounded like wood being torn from a trunk but it wasn't to close so we didn't really pay any mind to it.

 The sound went on and off for a 5 or 6 minutes then it was silent not a bird chirping or a squirrel barking. My dad started to get uneasy and said we should head off so we started to traverse the left side of the shoot slowly heading up the mountain away from the tree line.

 I was in the back following my dad all of the sudden I heard pop I thought it was another hunter shooting in are directing so I got up behind a rock my dad did the same then he yelled down to where the noise came from. Right after he yelled another pop so we got are binoculars out to see who this dumb ass was.

 My father made the most horrible gasp and froze I shook his shoulder and he just pointed. All I could see was a shaggy grayish black mass of fur hunched down by the side of a tree right at the edge of the tree line. It was atleast 800 yards down in the valley.

 Right when I started to comprehend what I was looking at it moved back and we heard another pop. My dad pushed me back and said we need to move now. By this time it was getting dark we had maybe an hour of light with a long hike ahead we didn't hear or see anything for awhile mostly trying to get to the truck. When the light faded and we had to break out the mag light we started hearing the pop again at least it was still a ways back.

 We hit a creek about a mile from the truck and my dad decided it would be a good idea to shoot a couple rounds he cranked off 2 with are 270 and right after we heard 2 consecutive pops my dad just looked at me and said were going home. That was the last time I went that far up into the Crazys. It was probably the most frightening yet interesting thing that has happened to me.
 I moved out to Oregon later that year but I definitely want to go back and try to find or at least hear that again. So get back to me if you have a chance.

Thank you for messaging us.
What was the name of the Ranch? & What State were you guys in?
How much of the gray creature did you see? Did you see its face or able to estimate its height etc..?

It was the Grosfield ranch in Big Timber Montana know as the crazy mountains it's open usually during hunting season just half to talk to the owner.

 What I saw of the creature was what looked like the right shoulder and forearm with the one bent below it it was a distance I couldn't see a face but definitely a shaggy side of a head. The hair was more like dreadlocks looking matted down and for the height I would say 6 foot maybe less crouched but probably double standing up. but it was definitely crouched it looked like it was straddling the base of the tree with the right knee poking out a few feet out. I would say close to 900lbs I couldn't get a good view on its torso but judging by the distance and how big the tree was what ever it was is a huge. A side note the new state record grizzly for Montana was taken from that same mountain.

 Thank you for the communication Dillon.
We had a similar experience in Montana a few years ago at a Bigfoot sighting location. Mouth popping. We did not see what kept making the mouth pops directly at us, however folks found something of interest in the video. May be a coincidence we kept hearing something mouth popping while it stayed hidden. The face was in the same direction we heard the popping. It maybe an illusion and the real mouth popping culprit remained hidden.

Bowls Creek Montana Bigfoot Sighting

Is this the Face of Bigfoot in Bowls Creek Montana?

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Dianes Screen Shot of Bigfoot Shape Found Moving in Deadwood Video

 Zoomed Screen Shot of Bigfoot Shape

Diane Fountain messaged us with screen shot below.
Diane writes "When you watch it on a big screen tv and frame by frame, it changes."
Original Screen Shot Circled
Video Screen Shot From Time Stamp 30:49

Watch Original Video Below
RMSO Returns to Famous Bigfoot Sighting Hotspot Deadwood

RMSO Statement
Watched the section of video Diane screen shot several times.
The Bigfoot shaped subject appears to move & hide as we walk in its direction.
However unable to confirm if Bigfoot shape anomaly isn't an illusion of light & shadow.
If it was a Bigfoot we did not see it while there.
Very interesting find.
Thank you for messaging us the screen shot Diane.

 Diane Found Video From The Blog Post Link Below

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Georgetown Bigfoot Activity Reported

Matt K. writes RMSO
 I just found your organization on watching videos on YouTube about bigfoot. I went to your facebook page and saw where I can email you about sightings so I figures what the heck I might as well share mine.
  I live in southeastern idaho in a town called Georgetown its about 20 miles north from Bear Lake.

 So my experience was in fall of 2010 with my best friend. We had decided to go on a four wheeler ride late at night. We left from my house on our wheelers because I live in the mouth of a canyon. My friend had never been to the place I had in mind and it was only about 10 miles from my house.

 So we headed out. It was a clear but dark night you could see the starts but no moon. ( ill attach a map of the canyon and location where we had this experience). So we get to this place I wanted to go we always called it the trappers cabin. Once we arrived we shut our wheelers off and took our helmets off. We had been sitting and talking their for no more than 5 minuets when we heard this loud, very close growl.

 So me and him at the time were 18 and had been hunting since we were just little kids. We both knew what bears sounded like and every other animal known to our region. This growl was nothing like anything we have heard before.

 So after the growl we heard what sounded like a huge tree get snapped like a tooth pick and then something running towards us with more trees snapping as its getting closer towards us. At this point we had both thrown our helmets back and were headed out of their because we had no intetions of finding out was was charging at us.

 I've hunted in that same area for years after that experience and every time I feel like I'm being watched along the ridge above the cabin I was talking about is an old mine that has been closed since the 60's. Water is very abundant in the area as well. I figured it would be worth a shot to let you guys know. If you have any questions about my experience please let me know.

Thanks for your time,
Matt K.   

Been to the Canyons behind Georgetown to search for Bigfoot because of the sightings at Montpelier Reservoir & the Bloody Bucket sightings.
Thanks for sending your report

Matt K.
Sounds good if you need more info ill be willing to help. I know of a few more areas of sightings or weird things that have happened in this area as well. Im a firm believer that he is out there.

Your experience appears to be pretty close to where a mountain lion crossed the road in front of us in April of last year. Very wild place loaded with deer. If bigfoot is interested in deer and or what deer eat this is a great area for them to flourish with minimal human interference.

Matt K.
Up above that cabin is a few wallows with a lot of water and the deer
and elk come into those wallows. That old mine that I mentioned also
has a few caves that I've seen. This year is the first year that I've
heard about structures and the tree breaks. So im going to start
paying closer attention to whats going on around me. Have you heard
any experiences come out of Bennington Canyon or Joes Gap? I know
several people that have had some weird stuff happen to them in that
area. Also out in the Tin Cup area a guy I know had something crawl in
under him when he was in a tree stand. He said all he could see was a
huge head and really big shoulders. He said it basically army crawled
into the wallow he was hunting and watched him for a while. Then he
decided to leave and it followed him for about a half mile until he
got to his truck.

Keep us posted we have done several Bigfoot expeditions to this general area over the last 10 years & are interested in your findings. You growing up there & knowing your way around is recognized as a great asset to have in a well known Bigfoot sighting hot spot
Thank you for the update.